Where Are We?

This small neighborhood bakery is within walking distance of downtown Asheville, NC.

How Do I Order?

All baked goods are made to order. Customers sign up for e-mails announcing weekly offerings…

What Do We Offer?

Standard wild-yeast sourdough breads, fruit and nut breads, focaccia flatbreads, plus cookies …

Not a Traditional Bakery…

The bakery serves the Montford neighborhood and beyond, but most customers live within walking distance. We bake twice a week. Customers who live in the neighborhood can simply stroll over and pick up their baked goods, fresh from the oven. We function more like a baking club than a traditional bakery. We don’t have a storefront, and there are no bread items stocked, waiting to be sold. We bake to order!

The Montford Walk-In Bakery presents fine baking, good kitchen skills and high-quality foods. We focus on a core of basic breads and related items, aiming to keep our neighbors supplied with the breads and baked goods they love most. Seasonal and holiday specials are added as appropriate.

The bakery is regulated and inspected by the NC Department of Agriculture.

Montford Walk-In Bakery