From the Oven, The Montford Walk-In Bakery, Sunday October 23rd

Lindley Mills on Cane Creek, near Graham NC

We are dead-tired from our Montford pizza party yesterday. I was informed by my family this morning that I should join have joined the Zombie Walk yesterday at the Biltmore Mall…how fitting! What is so unique about a zombie walk? Nothing much, its just Asheville! I guess I looked “special” this morning with wild hair and a disconnected gaze. I am of the walking dead everyday until I get a cup of coffee. But again, this is my favorite season for demons and zombies….and cesspools! I appreciate folks like NC legislator, Jim Forrester who can bring a “cesspool” like Asheville back from the dead….For those that missed it: Forester stated that Asheville is a “cesspool of sin“!  It is certainly interesting to be labeled as such!


Check it out if you are ever in Carrboro, NC


We visited Lindley Mills last week which is located near one of the state’s lesser “cesspools,” Chapel Hill. The mill was established in 1755 by Thomas Lindley on Cane Creek in Graham, North Carolina. It was the site of a Revolutionary War battle in 1781.  For the past 35 years the mill has been grinding organically grown grain and is operated by a ninth-generation Lindley. Joe Lindley runs the mill now. The Montford Walk In Bakery uses Lindley Mills organic flour for most of its bakery products. Along with several 50# bags of bread and all purpose flour, we also picked up some of their Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour. Joe Lindley and Peter Reinhart introduced this product last year at the Asheville Bread Festival. It is relatively expensive so I will pick and choose when I use the flour. It is rather sweet and works well in non-yeasted baked goods like muffins and quick breads (using baking powder and soda as leavens).


Just imagine these seats full of happy people eating pizza

The Montford neighborhood pizza party Saturday was a grand event. Over the course of 4+ hours we made about 70 pizzas for our neighbors! The sky was clear so we assembled everyone, most of whom walked over (hurrah, a “walk-in” party) on the patio, circled around the oven. We had a long table set up in front of the oven. Everyone stretched their dough and assembled their own mini creations. Neil and I took turns shoveling the pizzas into the 900 degree oven. It takes all of two minutes to bake a hot and crispy, ready to eat, pizza. It was a great seeing neighbors meet other neighbors for the first time. We were so busy that we did not have time (or forgot) to take photos.

Please note: We will have another pizza party for customers outside of our immediate neighborhood so that you can see and taste the hearth oven’s best! We can only feed so many people at one time (50 seems to be our maximum) and so we will be dividing up our e-mail list.This week I will be happily focusing on some our favorite fall flavors of pumpkin, pears, apples, pecans and cranberries….and in addition I love to make fun cupcakes for Halloween!

Fahrenheit 554, The Day After Pizza.


  • Whole-Wheat and Multi-Grain Bread $6  nutritious bread well-suited for sandwiches or toast
  • Cranberry Pecan Rye $7/loaf  a dense and flavorful rye bread with tart cranberries and sweet pecans
  • Pear-Rosemary Bread $7  an unusual sweet/savory quickbread good with soft cheeses or plain
  • Almond Biscotti $8/dz.  a crunchy cornmeal and almond


  • Montford Multi-Grain Bread $6  the original wild-yeast leavened bread….boule or sandwich loaf
  • Beer Bread $6.50/boule  wheat and rye-chops (rough-cut) along with some local beer make an earthy-flavor
  • Halloween Cupcakes $2 each  dark and dense chocolate cake or pumpkin cake with a swirling chocolate frosting and edible spooky decoration….please specify
  • Spiced Pear Purses $3.50 each  vanilla and nutmeg-spiced pears wrapped up in flaky pastry “purse”

DEADLINE for ORDERS is MONDAY evening…..PICK-UP is on the day your items are baked (or please arrange).

PRICES include NC State Sales Tax (ie: $6 = $5.47 + .53 tax)…Prices also reflect the cost of quality ingredients (mostly organic).

Pumpkin Muffins

Get your costume on and strut your stuff. This week is a fun week to be weird…or weirder! Come and trick-or-treat me on Wednesday or Friday at pick-up time…I will have some tiny treats!